These Terms of Use governs the use of our website epatya located at Flat No: 204, Reliance Residency, Opp.NTR Stadium, Domalguda, Hyderabad-500029. Please read carefully terms of use before using our website and creating an account. You accept to be bound by these terms and conditions and privacy policy. We reserve the right to change or add or modify content any time without any notice. 

General terms

Epatya provides this website to users, who are seeking tutoring services (students) and to users, who are looking forward to providing tutoring services (Tutors).  The term ‘You’ or Your or Users will refer to Students, Tutors or any individual person or entity (Institutes) who uses, browses or provides content or material to the Site. These terms and conditions will be effective upon acceptance and govern the relationship between you and us including the provision of any of our services on this portal.

In the event the Terms conflict with some other report/policy/content on our Site, the Terms prevail over them, for the reasons of using the Site. Any express waiver or inability to practice genuinely under the Terms won't make a proceeding with a waiver or any desire of non-implementation. If you don't consent to be bound by the Terms and the Privacy Policy, you may not use our Site at all and should exit promptly.

If any provision of the Terms is held invalid by any law or control of any administration, or by any court or judge, the third-parties that such provisions will be supplanted with new provisions that fulfill the original business purpose, and the alternate provisions of the Terms will remain in full power and effect.


We are not responsible for any of your acts and omissions. Our website is a venue to build a bridge between Students and Tutors. In this regard, if you have any dispute with other users, epatya, (our officers, shareholders, subsidiaries, agents, employees, joint ventures and other successors) from any cases, requests and harms (genuine and considerable) of each kind and nature, known and obscure, suspected and unsuspected, unveiled and undisclosed, emerging out of or in any way connected with such disputes. When students hire independent contractors, tutors, institutes control the methods, material and all aspects of the lessons.

We just support the Tutor or institute approaches and choices that you want to make. Completely, choices are yours. Our website is to provide the information and you can ask and check information related to education by Tutors. It is Students responsibility to select the right Tutors for their education needs. In order to hire a Tutor, Students should review and select the Tutor.

The information provided at epatya, regarding tutors, institutes, and courses have been compiled by assimilating date from different educational websites which are available in the public domain. But, these are only general information. We give details regularly on our website. However, you need to find out additional information by contacting the respective institutes.

Epatya operates the website from different locations and makes no representation that our website is available for use in all locations. reserves the right to modify or withdraw aspects of our website service or the completion of it when and where we have legal or commercial reasons to do so.  There are times epatya might not be giving services due to technical issues. However, we try our best and overcome the difficulties to provide services.

Restricted Activities

You agree that epatya tutor services are provided for the purpose of facilitating education to students and not for any unhealthy activities. You agree not to use the website to hire tutors for illegal activities. You agree not to use epatya tutor services for any other purposes to violate the academic honesty policy or other conduct policies of your schools, colleges or any other academic institution. You also agree not to use the website for violating or encouraging of any local, state, national or international law or harm others. You agree not to store or use other individuals’ data. You agree not to use the website for sending any messages that are unlawful, abusive, explicit, threatening, vulgar, defamatory racial offensive or objectionable as determined by epatya in its sole discretion. Without our consent, you cannot duplicate, sell, resell, or exploit any commercial purpose or any content from the website.

Eligibility and conduct

Use of our website is for persons who can legally binding contracts under Indian Contract Act 1872. If you are under the age of 18 years, you can use the website under the supervision of your parents or guardian who agrees to terms and conditions. If you don’t quality under these terms, better not to use our services.

Membership in the Services is void where disallowed by relevant law, and the privilege to get to the Site is denied in such jurisdictions. By using the Site as well as the Services, you speak to and warrant that you have the right, authority, and ability to go into these Terms and to keep the greater part of the Terms put forward in this. 

You agree to provide genuine information about you for creating an account on our website. In order to maintain the security, you need to provide accurate data. People who want to visit this website from outside India are responsible for compliance with local laws.

You can submit your feedback regarding your experience with tutor or institute on our website. It is needed that you act responsibly when giving content. When you give the feedback, please give honest feedback about tutor or institute. But, you agree not to use inappropriate language or personal criticism. When you participate in other interactive or community aspect of the services, please don’t post any information about others. .

You agree by submitting the content to us, you grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, unalterable and completely sublicensable ideal to use, duplicate, alter, adjust, decipher, disperse, distribute, make subordinate works from and public display and perform the Submitted Content all through the world in any media, now known or in the future made without attribution, allow us the privilege to seek after at law any individual or substance that disregards Your as well as our rights in Your Submitted Content, and forever waive any and all of Your rights, including however, not constrained to moral rights, assuming any, in and to Your Submitted Content, including, without impediment, any all rights or necessities of attribution or distinguishing proof of You as the author of the Submitted Content or any subsidiary thereof. You additionally acknowledge and agree that Your Submitted Content is non-private and don't contain proprietary information.

Submitted content, you agree that:

Submitted content concern Tutor or Institutes will be accurate or related to the care or service that you, your child who is under the age of 18 received from the tutor or institutes being reviewed and you are not impersonating any other person.

You have the right to make submitted content without violating trademark, copyright, patent rights or other IP rights of any person or entity. Submitted content or material of any of the kind that relates or refers to any other person or entity other than the person or entity is being reviewed.

Provided content won’t violate any laws or in any manner infringe or interfere with rights of others, including the use of names information that liable, defame, invade the privacy of any other person.

You have an access to provide the content regarding the same tutor or institute, entity, procedure or subject during any third day period.

We reserve the right to upload the content on our website as it is part of our services and also to remove for any reason. However, we are not responsible for any failure or delete the content.

We don’t give the content rather it is a user who uses our site. Be it tutor or institute determine which question to answer. They are not employees or agents of epatya. But, they are independent who are expert to provide the content for users.

We don’t involve in any conversation between users and won’t refer you or recommend particular tutor or institutes. It is understandable and you agree that we cannot and edit or modify or guarantee the content on our site. We are not liable for acts or omissions of tutor or institutes.

As you use the website, you agree that you will keep meeting the eligibility conditions. You comply with all laws and regulations. You follow terms and conditions of the website.

you have the right, authority and ability to go into these Terms of Use and to submit to all of terms and conditions in these Terms of Use;  Neither you, nor anybody in your home has been the subject of an objection, controlling request or some other lawful activity including savagery, mishandle, disregard, extortion, burglary, or any offense that includes jeopardizing the well-being of others has been indicted a wrongdoing of any nature, including any crime or misdeed of any sort, including without confinement any sexual, tyke manhandle or aggressive behavior at home offenses; and additionally, has been and additionally is as of now required to enlist as a sex wrongdoer in any ward or with any administration substance; neither you, nor anybody in your house, is presently out individually recognizance pending trial, identifying with any lawful offense or offense allegations of any sort, including without restriction sexual, youngster mishandle or domestic violence offenses.

Once you started to use our website, you agree that epatya might rely on the eligibility conditions. You can understand that epatya will keep changing eligibility conditions from time to time as required new conditions and users are abide by such revised eligibility conditions.

You agree that epatya does not check any of users or confirms or denies the validity of information given by users. Epatya does not verify the eligibility conditions so, it is your sole responsibility to conduct any all background and reference checks regarding other users. 

Fees & Refunds

Epatya may at its discretion revise or change the subscription and connect rates without giving any prior notification. Refunds are made at the sole discretion of epatya.

Third party reports

Epatya may use third parties that perform, in addition to other things, criminal personal investigations, wrongdoer registry checks, vehicle records checks, credit checks, and recognizable proof confirmations ("buyer reports"). Epatya does not embrace or make any portrayals or guarantees with respect to the dependability of such purchaser reports or the precision, convenience or fulfillment of any data in the consumer reports. Epatya does not autonomously check data in the consumer reports.

You hereby agree to Epatya collecting, using and revealing the data in the customer reports. You comprehend and agree that Epatya may, in its sole discretion, audit and depend on the data in the customer reports in choosing whether to suspend or end a User or to examine a protest about a User, however that Epatya might not be capable or at risk at all if any data in the consumer reports about any individual, including without confinement any User, is not precise, convenient or finish. Clients who are the subject of consumer reports may contact the service provider to dispute the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of such information. Epatya claims all authority to suspend as well as end User in light of data in the consumer reports or for some other reason in Epatya 's sole discretion.   

Confidentiality of Epatya information

You can get direct access via the website to certain confidential information of epatya and its affiliates without limitation, product, pricing, marketing and other important information that is reasonably understood as confidential. All the information, you use the website remains with epatya.

The Terms and conditions won’t force you as for Confidential Information that you can set up by legitimately adequate confirmation: you had to precede your receipt from Epatya, without a commitment to keep up its privacy; is or turns out to be by and large known to general society through no demonstration or exclusion by you, or generally without infringement of the Terms; you acquired from the third party who had the privilege to uncover it, without a commitment to keep such data private; you autonomously created without the utilization of Confidential Information and without the support of people who have approached it, or because of a substantial request by a court or other administrative body, as generally required by law, or as important to build up the privileges of either party under these Terms and as revealed after earlier notice to epatya sufficient to bear the cost of epatya the opportunity to object to the disclosure.  

Terms of transacting business

You agree to abide by epatya’s tutor and student payment policies. You are accepted to pay that all costs associated with services through epatya. As listed on the website, you pay the price, travel and transport fees, cancellation fees as described at epatya cancellation policy. The commission arrangements are between the tutor and epatya for courses and event booking fees.

Third party verification services

Epatya might make it available one or more third party verification services that enable users of the website to find out more information including but not limited to another user’s identity and criminal history. This third party verification is just a voluntary for both the party requesting the verification and party undergoing verification. You agree that epatya is not responsible for being liable in any way if found the information provided by the third party verification service is not accurate.

Advertisements and promotions

Epatya may run advancements from third parties on the Site. Your correspondence or business dealings with, or investment in advancements of, sponsors other than epatya found on or through the Site, including payment and delivery of related goods or services, and some other terms, conditions, guarantees or associated with such dealings, are exclusively amongst you and such advertiser. Epatya is not responsible or at risk for any misfortune or harm of any kind brought about as the aftereffect of any such dealings or as the consequence of the presence of epatya advertisers on the Site. 

Third Party links

Content, logos, links or names of Tutor or Institutes or some other third party entities on the Site does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of their services or opinions or their products. You take full liability for a choice to visit and hold epatya innocuous from any risk emerging from such activities. You additionally recognize that no relationship, (for example, association, agent, joint venture, or representative) is made amongst you and epatya or between any User including Tutor or Institutes or some other third party entities and epatya by formation of this Agreement or by your interest on the Site.

We cannot control the information provided by tutor or Institutes or any other parties from outside or users, which you might find on offensive, damage, inaccurate or deceptive.

Text message & notifications

We constantly send messages for new students, job opportunities. Please note that standard information and messaging rates may apply for text message notifications. You can contact your mobile operators for more details.  

Intellectual property rights

Epatya grants you authorization (which might be renounced whenever for any reason or no reason) to use the Site for the services as provided in this and as per these Terms of Use and exclusively for your very own, non-business use (with the exception of as provided herein), if you don't expel any trademark, copyright or other notice contained on such pages. No other user is allowed. You may not, for instance, consolidate the data, content, or other material in any database, accumulation, archive or cache.

Except as particularly approved by epatya, you may not profound links to the Site for any reason or access the Site physically or with any robot, spider, web crawler, extraction programming, automated process or gadget to scrape, duplicate, or monitor any segment of the Site or any data, content, or material on the Site. epatya reserves all of its statutory and customary law rights against any individual or element who abuses this section. You may not link or frame to any pages of the Site or any content contained in that, regardless of whether in entire or to a limited extent, without earlier composed assent from epatya. You may like or take after epatya or offer connects to the Site by means of long-range informal communication innovation referenced on the Site. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

"Epatya Trademarks" implies all names, marks, brands, logos, outlines, trade dress, mottos and different assignments Epatya uses as a part of association with its products and services, you may not expel or change any Epatya Trademarks, or co-brand your own products or material with Epatya Trademarks, without Epatya's earlier written consent. You recognize Epatya's rights in Epatya Trademarks and agree that any use of Epatya Trademarks by you should inure to Epatya's sole advantage. You agree not to fuse any Epatya Trademarks into your trademarks, benefit marks, organization names, web addresses, area names, or some other similar designations, for use on or regarding PC or web related products, services or technologies.

Unless explicitly stated in this, nothing in these Terms might be understood as presenting any license to intellectual property rights, regardless of whether by estoppels, suggestion, or something else. Consent is granted to show, duplicate, disseminate and download Content claimed by epatya on this Site gave that: the copyright see relating to the Content remains, and an authorization see (e.g., " used with permission ") is added to such Content; the use of such Content is exclusively for individual and non-business use; such Content won't be replicated or posted on any networked computer or distributed in any medium, aside from as expressly allowed by legitimate authorization or permit covering such materials; and no changes are made to such Content. This authorization ends naturally without seeing on the off chance that you rupture any of the terms or conditions. Upon end, you should instantly destroy any downloaded and additionally printed Content.  

 Termination and suspension

Epatya reserves the right to suspend or cease any user without giving any notice at any time in its sole discretion, by showing reason or no reason. You agree that, if you are suspended and/or terminated, you will make no further use of the Site after suspended.

Disclaimer of warranties

Using the website is at your own risk unless explicitly stated. The website includes the content, services and information, is proved on as “as is” “as available” with all faults basis.  Epatya disclaims all express or implied conditions and guarantees of any kind. Epatya makes no representation or warranties.

Limitation of liability

Epatya offers a platform for those who seeking tutoring services to connect with tutoring services. You agree that epatya makes no warranties or representation about the quality of services offered by any user. You agree that epatya is not responsible for any controversies, suits, claims and damages arising from any related to website. Epatya does not involve any way after user interaction. You understand and accept that epatya has no control over the omissions of any user or off the site that epatya makes no representation about the quality services offered by any user.

If you are not satisfied with the website or don’t agree with any provisions of these terms and conditions, you can stop using the website.

Assumption of risk

You agree and accept that all risks when using the website, related to online or offline interactions with other users, you need to take all necessary steps to prevent.


You accept to indemnify, hold harmless, defend epatya and its subsidiaries, officers, associates, agents, suppliers, other partners, employees from and against any all claims, demands causes of damages, liabilities including advocate’s fees and  expenses incurred by Epatya in any way related to your acts either online or offline of the website. Violation of rights of others, without control of infringement of intellectual property or any rights of others related to the website, breach of these terms and conditions, issues with or between other users, misuse of the website without limitation any content, material there on, violation of any related laws,  

incorrect, or misdirecting User data, incorporating without confinement as for enlistment, profile or qualification, errors and additionally distortions; use of links to third party sites, including without constraint such sites' accessibility, terms of use, protection approach, data, content, materials, promoting, items as well as administrations, User data and any demonstrations or exclusions regarding such User data, utilization of any data third-party reports, uses of third party installment preparing administrations; use of phone services; or potentially, use of any services or products or any agreements or courses of action made or gave in view of data, content or potentially materials got on or through the site. You additionally agree that you will collaborate as asked for by Epatya in the barrier of such claims. Epatya holds the privilege, at its own cost, to accept the selective guard and control of any issue generally subject to repayment by Users, and you should not, in any event, settle any claim or matter in the interest of Epatya without the written consent of Epatya.


 Any controversy, suit, damage or harm emerging from or in any way identified with the Site, its user, its Tutor and Institute conduct, or the Terms might be settled by restricting mediation as per the business assertion standards of the Indian Council of Arbitration at that point in actuality and before a solitary mediator picked by Epatya. Any such discussion, assert, suit, damage or harm should be arbitrated on an individual premise, and might not be combined in any intervention with any debate, guarantee, suit, damage or harm of any third party. The arbitration should be led in Hyderabad, Telangana and judgment of the arbitration award might be gone into any court having purview thereof. Epatya may seek any interim or preliminary relief from a court of competent jurisdiction in Hyderabad, Telangana, important to secure its rights pending the completion of mediation. Each party should accept its own expenses of arbitration.


You accept that any content breach of the terms and condition will result in hopeless mischief to epatya for which harms would be an inadequate remedy and subsequently, notwithstanding its rights and remedies otherwise available at law, epatya will be entitled to equitable relief, including both a preparatory and permanent injunction, if such a breach occurs.  You forgo any prerequisite for the posting of a bond or other security if epatya looks for such an injunction.

Notices, modification, and termination of services

Epatya may provide notice to users via email or posting notices or links to notices on the website. Epatya reserves the right at any time to change or modify or suspend the services or use or access to them with or without giving any notices. Epatya may also terminate or delete or use of, all related content and files. Epatya is not liable to users or any other third party for any changes, suspension. Epatya may amend these terms of use anytime by uploading the amended terms on the website.

Governing law

This agreement will be administered by and understood as per Indian laws without respect to the decision of law rules.

Any debate, suit, damage or harm should be referred on an individual premise, and might not be solidified in any arbitration with any controversy, suit, damage or harm of third parties. The arbitration might be led in Hyderabad, Telangana, and judgment of the arbitration ward might be gone into any court having locale thereof. Epatya may look for any interim or preliminary help from a court of competent jurisdiction in Hyderabad, Telangana, important to secure its rights pending the completion of arbitration. Each party might expect its own particular expenses of arbitration.

Entire agreement

The terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and epatya relating to their subject and cancel and change prior version of terms and conditions. You might not dole out or generally exchange the Terms or any privilege conceded hereunder. You also may be subject to additional terms and conditions that may apply when you use epatya or third-party products or services.


A Tutor gives assurance that he/she is, at least, eighteen years of age and has a legally necessary educational qualification and required experience to provide tuition on the subject mentioned by the Tutor on the website.

The tutor also agrees and understands that she/he is not an employee of Epatya and agrees on full responsibility for all Income Tax and other amounts payable in relation to any fees generated from the contract with students who come to this website to get trained. We don’t provide any experience certificate for our register members.

Tutor agrees that details mentioned by them on this website will be publicly seen and may appear in search engine results.

A Tutor agrees on full responsibility regarding all data provided by him/her or it on the Site and might indemnify epatya in connection to any risk brought about by them because of any such data.

A Tutor registers at epatya services, by providing accurate and genuine information including name, address, telephone number, experience and other details.

The tutor does not give personal email, contact numbers etc. in the fields like experience, Tutoring, approach, other fields. If Tutor misuses the conditions, epatya may in its discretion terminate the account of any Tutor who practices such things.

Tutors are to disclose their educational qualification details to students or parent party before starting tuition engagement as and when they request you to show.

Epatya does not ensure to secure a Tutor for a Student or learn any tuition fees for the behalf of any tutor or student. We don't give any assurance of the quantity of aggregate inquiries/business which a Tutor will get amid their membership period.

epatya is not responsible, if you are unable to convert tuition inquiries into work, through connects facility. Please find out a total number of views before you apply for any tuition. The Associate office produces most extreme viability on the off chance that you react to the enquiry on the day it has been posted. In any case, we would not be responsible for any inconvenience caused.

Epatya is not responsible if a student’s mobile is switched off when you call or if parents won’t respond to your queries.

We want tutors to accept the payment method of the online system. This approach is safe before you start tutoring. Money is transferred to your account after completion of the tuition sessions.

Students release the funds once they receive the request after the first session. It is the Tutor’s responsibility to convince students with their teaching skills.

The tutor is asked to start tutoring session only after accepting fee structure.

Tutor and Student can find out each other’s addresses and complete details before making payments. Epatya does not take any responsibility for any sort of direct payment between the two parties.

A tutor might indemnify epatya from all cases, liabilities, expenses, and costs (actual or consequential) of each kind and nature known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, uncovered and undisclosed emerging out of any use by the Tutor of the Site.

A tutor and a tutorial center hereby recognize that epatya is not at risk to the Tutor for repayment of any expenses settled on because of these Terms in case of any cancelation of any Contract or Tuition for any reason.

In reacting to the input of Students posted on the Site a Tutor should not, in any way, show disrespect towards a Student or his/her parents.

The tutor should ask the students or their parents to pay the money by online as it is the safe method for both parties. Epatya is not responsible for any other kind of monetary transaction between tutor and student.

We are not involved in any sort of interactions that will go on between the tutors and students. In case of any issues, we advise tutors to take the feedback from us to solve the issues amicably.


Either student or parent registers at epatya services using accurate information including name, email ID, mobile number and etc.

You are requested to provide more details of you as it helps us get better responses from tutors.

Students or parents should find tuition profile privacy setting thoroughly to avoid unwanted calls on their mobiles from tutors.

Students have to pay tutor by epatya payment system only. It helps to avoid any sort of misunderstanding and other issues with tutors. Online payment method is safe and without your permission, funds are not released to tutor.

Students have to book a minimum of five sessions and any booking is canceled only after the first session. No cancelation is permitted and second session onwards and payment is released to tutor after completion of the session, to the satisfaction of the student.

Epatya won’t allow the students to pay any tutor directly as it could lead to potential frauds and we don’t take any responsibility for such payments.

Before paying, both parties have to check each other’s details and confirm it.

We request students or parents not to pay huge amounts if you don’t know complete details of a tutor.

Epatya takes responsibility of payments and epatya does not give any guarantee for quality teaching by the tutor. Students’ responsibility is to check the quality of his/her teaching.

Students or parents should understand that tutors are not our employees and we cannot give any guarantee for their teaching abilities. Epatya is just an online marketplace where students get information to approach for classes for your desired courses. 

We request students or parents to follow the safe mode of online payment system which helps all to be safe. We don’t take any responsibility of any other kind of monitory transaction.

Homework and Assignment help is expected to give you proper guidance on understanding your task and not to replace your scholarly endeavors intended to be a piece of your educational programs. Help is given on the comprehension and understanding that you will use information provided by the Tutors to examine purposes just and that you won't present this info as unique understudy work for course credit or review.

No tutor can give you guarantee about grades, so grade that you get is not a reason for coming back and demand a refund for getting services on this platform.

Students or parents have to use caution, proper judgment when they leave a review about the tutor. It will be a permanent part of the tutor’s record.

We are not involved with any sort of interactions that happens between the tutors and students and consequently, is not at risk for any debate or contradiction or misinterpretations or contentions emerging between the parents/students and tutors. However, tutors are allowed to take input and proposals from us to solve issues amicably.

Epatya would not be subject to offer any pay or harms of any nature to Student if epatya deactivates a Tutor account or if Tutor decides to not extended tutor sessions.

Students should take enough care and settle on an intuitive decision before taking up a task to maintain a strategic distance from any sort of repercussions. epatya would not be responsible and at risk for any such unanticipated and terrible occasion including yet not constrained to substantial damage, sexual or mental harassment of any nature, if any.


Tutorial centers agree on full responsibility for uploading information on the website and will indemnify Epatya in relation to any liability incurred by itself as result of any such information

Be it tutor or center or the guest user can have own space here. Students have to view your details after booking. In case of any cancellation course or class, you are the responsible. Refunds of booking fee would be given only at the sole discretion of the Epatya Management.

You, tutorial center knows that details that you enter by yourself on the website are visible and appear in search engines.

The tutorial center won’t give personal email ID, contact numbers etc. if any tutorial center practices such things, Epatya reserves the right to suspend their account immediately. 

Epatya does not involve in any kind of interactions that take place between the tutorial center and students. Thus, it is not at risk for any debate or contradiction or misinterpretations or contentions emerging between the parents/students and tutorial centers. Tutorial centers are advised to clear the issues amicably.

Epatya won’t allow any tutor bureau to register on our website, no Individual tutor or tutor bureau is allowed to offer any services at epatya. If found such cases membership will be suspended immediately without any refund.